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Automotive Diagnostics Leads and Breakouts

Discover our range of automotive breakout leads, fuse extensions and connections designed for use with handheld or PC based automotive oscilloscopes from;  Picoauto PicoScope, Hantek, Uni-T, TiePie, CarScope, Autel MaxiScope, Sealey, Bosch, Snap-On, Fluke.

Automotive electrics are continuously developing in performance and complexity requiring the use of sophisticated electronics test equipment such as automotive oscilloscopes and advanced multimeters to identify faults.  To get the most out of these systems requires you to be able to connect to and gain current and voltage readings and traces from the multitude of sensors and injectors contained within a vehicle's electrical system. 

Here at Warwick Test Supplies we manufacture the best quality breakout leads, fuse extensions and lead sets using quality IEC 61010 test components and OEM connectors from market leading producers such as; AMP, Bosch, Deutsch and Kostal.  Using our leads ensures your automotive electrical diagnostics and testing using automotive oscilloscopes and multimeters remains safe, efficient and accurate.