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IC Sockets and Adaptics

An IC socket, also known as a chip socket, or a DIP IC socket is an electrical connector used in the field of electronic engineer. The pins of the integrated circuit (IC) connect into the socket making a robust electrical connection without the requirement of soldering. It enables an (IC) to connect in a circuit without being installed through permanent soldering.

Developers of new electronic products go through the debugging phase, which involves making changes to the firmware. In such a scenario, it is useful to mount the IC carrying the firmware on a ZIF style socket for easy removal. Many integrated circuits such as microprocessors are extremely sensitive to heat, and therefore IC socket and adapters mitigate this cause of damage.

There are several different kinds of IC sockets and adaptics at Warwick Test Supplies. We stock a range of IC sockets and adaptics that are manufactured by Winslow Adaptics or manufactured by Warwick Test Supplies.  As a distributor for Winslow Adaptics we also stock a range of PCB hardware including Transistor Mounting Pads and Insulating Bushes.